Friday, October 9, 2015

Martin Cuddihy and His Family

(With sincere appreciation to Kathryn Rose Jenkin Adit for permission to reprint the information which she gave to in a personal letter to Judy Bushy for Happy Camp News.)

Martin Cuddihy was born in Ireland, November 9, 1832. He lived most of his life in Happy Camp, shere he ran various business establishments. In 1960, he built the American House Hotel, which was run by the family until 1918.

At that time, Del Norte and Siskiyou county were one county. Martin was a County Supervisor and had to travel by horseback to periodically to attend Supervisors Meetings.

One of his daughters by his second wife, Rose (called Roya) was considered quite a horsewoman and she would often accompany him, riding over the mountain on horseback and then staying with Madame Gasquet on Smith River while Martin went on to Crescent City.

Martin had two wives, both from Ireland. Rosa H Armes was born in Dublin in 1835 and died 5/22/1868. Hannah Merrigan was born in Ireland 10/23/1844 and died 9/23/1902.

One of his daughters with Rosa was Kate (born about 1858) She went to Crescent City as a young woman where she married John McLaughlin Jr. He died from complications following a Fourth of July Fireworks accident in 1886. Kate also died young on 4/7/1892. Their children went to live with various family members.

A daughter, Rosa Agnes McLaughlin (born August 13, 1880) eventually came back to Happy Camp to live with her grandfather Martin Cuddihy and his wife, Hannah.One of Rosa's eyes was crossed, and Martin arranged for an operation to correct that. In about 1904, Rosa married William Henry Jenkins in Happy Camp. Hannah had died in 1902, and Rosa and William took over running the hotel. They had four children who lived: Harold Morrell was born 11/3/1905, Joseph Henry was born 1/2/1908 or 1/31/1008, Kathryn Rose, myself, was born 9/191911, and Helen Ruth was born 11/05/13 as well as an infant who died at or near birth.

In 1913 just prior to the birth of their last child, William left Happy Camp to look for work and was presumed lost somewhere in the wilderness.
Photo of Rosa Agnes McLaughlin Jenkins, Martin Cudihy's grand-daughter in her youth.

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