Thursday, October 8, 2015

Log Memorial High School, Happy Camp, CA

It was Californians first log high school when it was built in 1933! But for me, this sturdy log building means so much morel. The Log High School Memorial Building in Happy Camp has always meant so much to me about the unity of the community and what we can do by working together!! 

Can you imagine how parents felt when the only way to get their children an education after the eighth grade was to send them to a boarding school, Mt. Shasta or elsewhere, far from home? Gorhan Humphries was one of the parents who led the move to provide a high school education for the children who wanted to go further in their education. He nearly single-handedly gathered other men who saw the importance of an education for the young people of Happy Camp.

They took it before the proper authorities, out in Yreka, but it was the Depression. No one had money for a new building, instead of a single room in the elementary school which was inadequate for the purpose. But given a few materials, the community worked together and by that fall, there was the Happy Camp High School!