Friday, October 9, 2015

Cuddihy's American House in Happy Camp

Martin Cuddihy came to Happy Camp in 1860 and bought a saloon and a hotel, which was to become well known for quality lodging as the American House Hotel. He was a business partner with Henry Wood and George Bickel rented one of his buildings.

Herman Reinhart wrote about his stay at the American House Hotel and the quality of hospitality that the hotel was known for. It was during his stay there that he heard about the Rogue River Wars that had begun, and wondered about the safety of his brother who he had left in Oregon before coming to check out gold prospecting possibilities on the Klamath River.

According to Vera Toleman, Cuddihy owned other pieces of property in town and had interests in several mining operations. His interests were varied and he took an active part in commmunity affairs. After Cuddihy's death, Jeremiah Lane bought it and then Mr. & Mrs. Charles Blockwell and then Nathan Evans" That was when Nathan Evans started a general merchandise business that has continued to the present time as Evans Mercantile.

Later, the Baker family bought the building. Dora Baker also served as the librarian and the Happy Camp Library was kept at the hotel. Her daughter, Ruth took over the library later and was always happy to have readers stop by the Hotel for books. Ruth remained the sole occupant of the hotel in her later years until she was moved to Beverly Manor, a nursing home in Yreka California.

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